Our core business is to provide our clients with aeronautic gas turbine technology

Turbomachine is a Brazilian engineering company with more than 15 years of experience in gas turbine technologies.

The company is located in Jacareí, 10 km from São José dos Campos – most important aerospace cluster in South America - and counts on an experienced team of engineers and technicians.

Since 2003, Turbomachine has been developing and manufacturing different types of turbine engines.

Turbomachine's main activities are research, innovation and development of products, mainly in the fields of GAS TURBINE ENGINES and PLASMA ASSISTED COMBUSTION.

From research and development to innovation and business, Turbomachine paved the Way to offer our clients gas turbine technology bearing in mind modern engineering methodologies.







Turbomachine performs consulting services aimed at the development of turbo-reactor type motors involving aero and thermodynamic concepts in design calculations, software integration classes and engine tests.






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Rodovia Geraldo Scavone, 2300  Complemento: Condomínio Empresarial Califórnia Center - UC 29 E 50

CEP: 12305-490

Jardim Califórnia - Jacareí – SP – Brazil

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  • The TF-1200 is a single spool low-bypass mixed exhaust turbofan.

  • The TJ1000 jet engine, has applications for long range cruise missiles

  • The TP-150 engine is a single-shaft push-back turboprop configuration turbine engine

  • This new compressor is a

    turning point due to its advantages

  • Turbomachine’s engines are provided with a Full Authority Digital Engine Control – FADEC

  • The TJ-1000 is a single spool turbojet engine capable of providing up to 1100 lbf of thrust

  • The TJ-200 is a single spool turbojet engine capable of providing up to 200 lbf of thrust


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